Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Baby Daddy's Birthday

The love of my life doesn't celebrate birthdays. Well, he "celebrates" mine and the kids', but don't dare and try to surprise him with a balloon bouquet or a singing telegram. (He says it's because his heart is 2 sizes too small, a la "The Grinch", but I don't believe that for a minute).

But how could I not acknowledge his birthday? I promised no cards or gifts, but I said nothing in reference to The Blog.

So Happy Birthday to my best friend...the person I want to run "The Amazing Race" with...the man I want to sip my creamed corn with when we are old and man since we met 17 years husband, James.


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday James!! I hope you celebrated in style.

Wait, does he even know about this blog?

Karen the Californian said...

Happy birthday, James! I hope you and Sharon keep your teeth for a very long time so you can sip creamed corn together in old age while still having teeth. :-D

Trina Gueck said...

so sweet!