Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ordered Steps

James has orders for the White House ~ his official orders. They had been sitting in his work e-mail since June 3. I have read them a million times so far. Seeing everything in black and white makes it all finally feel real...like this is really going to happen for us.

Of course, there's James' whole "vacation in the sand" first, but that hasn't stopped us from planning ahead. Now that we have official orders, we can arrange for housing. We can finish researching the school system and begin calling on all of our contacts and connections.

We sure didn't get to where we are the way WE thought we would have. But here we are---not leaning on our understanding. And thanking the Lord every step of the way.

The packers are scheduled to arrive here at 8:00am on December 1, 2009. The movers will follow shortly thereafter....:)

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Michele said...

This is incredible! You go right ahead and plan away, because after all, December is right around the corner :-)