Thursday, July 9, 2009

This and That Thursday

Isaiah is a water baby! ....though not big news to anyone who has seen him in the bathtub. He started aquatics therapy this week as part of his physical therapy. So far, he is loving it. Here he is right after he splashed his PTA in the face:

Did someone call a taxi? During the school year, the kids have been attending a school zoned outside of our neighborhood. There are 5 elementary schools here on post, but only one is capable and fully-equipped to provide for Isaiah's needs. It's one of the best schools in the entire school district. The girls have been attending on a waiver ~ basically making it easier on our family. But only Isaiah is authorized bus transportation. So I've been schlepping the girls there and back for over a year now. Now that Savannah is a 6th grader, she is bused to a middle school off-post for summer school (although I still have to pick her up from her after-summer-school math program). And that still leaves Mariah in need of a lift.

Funny thing, all week I kept passing a bus in our neighborhood on our way to school---a bus that always ended up AT the school. Turns out the kids in our neighborhood who attend our neighborhood school and are going to summer school are being BUSED to Mariah's school--the only school on-post hosting a summer school program this year!

Today I called transportation to see if someone could slip Mariah on that bus---only to find out that Mariah is already on their be picked up at a stop one street over! OH HAPPY DAY. No more wrestling with Isaiah and his "How come I don't get to go to school today, too?!" more stopping whatever I am doing in the middle of the day to make a mad dash to pick up a more leaving the house at 8am dressed like a mental patient.

This might seem like a small logistical victory, but trust me, in our family the little things make the biggest difference.

Check back with me in the fall when all 3 of them will have to be at school by 8am...

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Michele said...

You are such a super mom!