Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot in Herr

There are a couple of things wrong with this picture:

My house is presently 91 degrees F.

The clock on the thermostat is wrong. It's actually a quarter to 8 in the evening.

There is no "cool" setting on the unit. None of the houses on-post have central air conditioning...not even the spanking brand new one we live in.

It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow.


Karen the Californian said...

Awwwwwwwman. Sorry about that. Are you spending copious amounts of time at the mall, movie theater, and grocery store just to escape the heat? That's what we had to do when we lived in student family housing and had no AC.

Michele said...

Yeah, that's pretty hot...swimming anyone?

Sharon said...

Let's just say Target and the old school "rainbow"-style sprinkler have been our very best friends!

Maria said...

I saw a report on the news about the weather in Seattle and thought of you guys! Yikes! That's crazy hot for house.