Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Blogiversary to Me

A year ago this week, I succumbed to peer pressure and composed my very first "Blogger" entry.

Three Chocolate Brownies was born!

From the start, I knew I wanted TCB to be a place where I could share not only pictures and tidbits about my family, but also insight into who I really am. Over the past year, my family and my life have experienced change and growth. As a result, so have my posts. I try not to censor much of what I write. Honesty is refreshing and tends to breathe life into my words. But there have been times when I have to go back and temper my posts. My intent is to express myself, not to offend my readers in the process.

Just so we're clear ~ I'm not ashamed to be a Christian, a Democrat, a stay-home parent, the mother of a special needs child, or the wife of a soldier. What you see is pretty much what you get.

Almost a year after my initial post and TCB seems like it's here to stay. It'll keep chugging right along unless, of course, I run out of things to talk about. But if you know my life, (and if you are a regular reader, I know you do), that's not likely to happen.

And if you've managed to read this far, thank you.


Weston Seth said...

Happy Blogiversary!! KayJayBee(p2p)

Karen the Californian said...

Happy blogiversary to you!