Thursday, October 22, 2009

Still, Life

Move over blogging and sewing ~ Mama has a new hobby! Ever since J's anniversary gift arrived, I've gone from casual picture-taking to appreciating actual photography. My Rebel tags along a lot. And when I'm without it, there's always the moment I think "Man--that would be an awesome photo! Wish I had my camera..."

Great photo opportunities are everywhere. This is still a new arena for me and I am still exploring my "eye". But I seem to be drawn to still life , natural light photography. Maybe it's the abundance of fall foliage that appeals to me right now. Or maybe it's because the only time I seem to be able to concentrate on taking pictures is during Isaiah's physical therapy sessions, which happen to be located in a very photogenic part of town. I wander around for much of that hour with my camera strapped around my neck taking random pictures of objects. I'm just waiting for one of the adjoining businesses to call the cops on me. Maybe I should start freaking them out by wearing a "CSI" jacket.

Taking the picture is only half of the fun, I've discovered. Editing the photos is what takes photography to a whole 'nother level. After tucking in the kids and downloading a day's worth of pictures, I start working the magic. It is absolutely delightful ~ totally rewarding. I'm not familiar with the technical settings and such, I just recognize that moment when a photo satisfies me. Whatever the "photography rules" are and whether or not I am following them isn't a concern, but I think I'd definitely benefit from taking a class. Right now, I just know what I like to see.

A few random shots from yesterday:

*A special thanks to Christine Tobin, Trina Gueck, and Amber Ferrell for your inspirational photography.


Jamie said...

Great pics! And whaaah, I want a Rebel ;)

Sam said...
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Karen the Californian said...

(Don't mind Sam's deleted post -- he left himself logged in on my computer. Grrr...)

Niiiice pictures. :-)

Your photographs kick my photographs' butts!