Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be Still My Heart

I went back to the doctor today for my Holter Monitor test results. (They basically strapped a tape recorder to my chest to monitor my heart for 24 hours. It all stemmed from a rapid and irregular heartrate I had during a routine appointment). The good news is that I wasn't having any tachycardic episodes or arrhythmias. And my blood pressure is perfect. The bad news is that I still have an abnormally high heartrate. The doctor prescribed Atenolol to slow it down. I just keep thinking it's going to cause me to start moving in slooooow moooooootion. I am to take it everyday for the next 3 months and then schedule a follow-up with my doc. She also told me to cut back my caffeine (*silently screaming: noooooooooo!*) and try to reduce my stress. Yeah, right. She suggested I try taking deep breaths when I start getting overwhelmed.

Perfect. I'll be right back there tomorrow for hyperventilation.


Jenny B said...

See - I'm thinking your family owes you an appology about the whole "the summer Sharon had a heart atack" reference!

Hope you feel better.

Sharon said...

Thanks, girl! I'm going to call my sister! LMBO!