Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daddy's Girl

Today is my father's birthday. If he were alive, he'd be 64. Ever since he passed away 8 months ago, I still find it strange to refer to him in the past tense. He wasn't the father he could have been or should have been, but he was my father. And I loved him even when it was obvious he didn't love himself. Or at times when he loved himself a little bit too much. Truth be told, I am a Daddy's Girl at heart. Having my father's love and attention meant more to me than I have ever admitted. I think that's why I admire James so much as a father to our children. He is everything my father wasn't and that's part of the reason I love him so much. When it comes to his kids, James is thoughtful and selfless. He's also present. Even when he's deployed, the kids and I still know he's here. My father wasn't always there. When he was, we did have some happy times. Like our family trip to Sand Bridge that summer. Or when he actually taught me how to ride a bike. Those are the memories I keep close to my heart...especially on days like today.


Christy said...

Oh, Sharon! {{{{{HUGS}}}}} My heart goes out to you today, one daddy's girl to another. It's a gift to yourself and your Dad that you can see him clearly for the man he was and love him so much. I hope memories bring you more smiles than tears on your Dad's special day.

Your Dad was a handsome man. Does Isaiah favor him in person or does it just appear that way with their pictures next to each other?

Sharon said...

Thanks for those very kind words, Christy. I really needed that.

People say I look a lot like my dad and Isaiah has a lot of my features. I can totally see the resemblance now that you mention it!