Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brownie Bits

My 3 little brownies are growing and changing so much these days. It's hard to believe I have an 11 year-old, an almost 9 year-old, and a 4 year-old. When did this happen?

A lady waiting next to me at the pharmacy today guessed my age to be 23. Twenty-three. She must have been picking up a prescription for cataracts. When I told her I was in fact 36 years-old, I might as well have told her I had 2 heads. She proclaimed it had to be because I'm black. She reported that she is envious of black people because according to her, we don't age as quickly as other races. And then I uttered words I never thought I'd say to another human being, "Well you know what they say, 'Black don't crack!'" Her reaction was priceless.

But back to the kiddos!

Savannah is now almost as tall as I am! And I may be biased, but she is as pretty as a picture. She has been continuing to get extra resources for her dyslexia, but her confidence received a serious boost when she successfully completed the "Wheelchair Driver's Course" at the kids' school! Her school's Special Needs population is lucky to have her--although I have witnessed her driving some of the kids and let's just say Miss Daisy would be laying into the horn behind her. We recently saw the orthopedist for a follow up on her scoliosis. He said it looked like she had grown 3 inches since he saw her over the summer. The curves in her spine are still there, but they aren't any worse, thank God. We take her back in early Spring for another set of x-rays.

Mariah is moving up to the next reading group! And she has started wearing her glasses more. Correlation? Hmm. She still has an abiding love for ponies, puppies, and anything pink. She has been invited to a Halloween/birthday party this Friday afternoon (no school for the kids) and she is going as Princess Fiona from Shrek. Is it bad that she makes an uber cute ogre?

Isaiah is going to be Clifford The Big Red Dog for Halloween. We found the perfect costume at a local thrift shop---$2! And it's great for 'Saiah because there is nothing to put on his head. It's not like he would keep it on. Monday we started his private Occupational Therapy sessions at the local childrens' hospital. We were on the waiting list for 6 months. We gave up on their waiting list for his Physical Therapy and that's how we ended up going to Gig Harbor every Wednesday. But it's SO worth the trip. His PT is just great. I'm still feeling out the OT, but Isaiah seems to be smitten. Just wait until she asks him to actually work.

Parent/teacher onferences are coming up for all 3 of them, so stay tuned!


Jenny B said...

Good news all the way around.

And I'm seriously LOL at your black don't crack comment. I've never heard that!

Maria said...

LMAO @ "black don't crack!"

Can't wait to see pics of Clifford!