Friday, October 10, 2008

Girls' Day Out

James and the kids had the day off today (lucky them), so I decided to take the girls to see "Beverly Hills Chihuahua". We arrived early, so we ended up walking across the street to the "Justice" girls' clothing boutique. The girls picked out some really cute hoodies and long T's for layering this fall. The sales lady also convinced us to buy candy while we were there, which we promptly smuggled into the cinema.

The movie was actually tolerable to my 36 year-old sensibilities. The girls gave it two enthusiastic thumbs up. (Not to mention we've spent a great deal of time since we've been home perusing the pages of the Seattle Rescue Shelter online....)

Afterward, we headed back across the street to Ben & Jerry's. After sampling, Mariah went with 2 scoops of vanilla on a generic cone. Don't know if I'll ever take her back with me. Savannah had a more adventurous coffee/vanilla combo. I scanned the menu for a lactose-free choice and said a silent prayer as I finally asked for a fruit smoothie. I guess I chose correctly: I'm not typing this from the bathroom.

It was a good day for the Brown women.

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bev said...

lmbo @ not typing from the bathroom! I know your struggle too well! I usually carry immodium with me in case I get adventerous!