Sunday, February 15, 2009

26 Years in the Making

You can love, hate, or feign indifference about Facebook, but that fact remains that for all of its quirks, its possibilities are astonishing. The fact that I spent Saturday afternoon with a friend I hadn't seen in 26 years is a testament to the powers that be "FB".

After reconnecting on Facebook last month, Elesha flew out to for a wedding this weekend and we planned a meet-up in Seattle. Turns out both of us had been thinking of the other all of this time. She is the same sweet, funny, smart Elesha I knew back in the day. The same Elesha who hosted the best slumber parties. The same Elesha who played Barbies with me for hours. The same Elesha I shared my deepest secrets with. The same Elesha who was the first person to know I had hit puberty, in the very Judy Blume-type way.

To see her again was amazing. Our conversation was easy and smooth--as if we had been talking to each other everyday for the past 20+ years. That's the funny thing about true friendships. They transcend time, age, and life experiences.

And yes, I wore my "Blue's Clue's" shirt. And she didn't mind one bit. :)

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