Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pele the Reluctant

TOPSoccer is a program designed for children with disabilities. Isaiah's physical therapist thought it would give Isaiah an opportunity to work with his walker and build his confidence. Plus he would have the chance to belong to a team ~ he is a very social little guy and kids love him.

I'd love to say Isaiah's first practice was a rousing success. Let's just say Isaiah is now very acquainted with the gymnasium and James got a good workout. He took Daddy by one hand and the program director by the other and proceeded to walk the entire length of the gym and back. He was more interested in the size of the gym, the excited kids, and his freedom than he was in passing drills and trying to score a goal.

The program director told us to keep bringing him back in hopes that he would catch on and continue to enjoy himself. She said sometimes it takes some kids longer to warm up than others. As long as Isaiah is happy and safe, he is welcome to participate.

James better wear sensible shoes next time.


joyboytinkertoy said...

that is so cute..I think all kind of kids do things like that..just wonder around..its probably very exciting for him..

my son with adhd couldnt focus in a big place like that.. he would just wonder into his thoughts and walk around in the middle of a basketball game that he was playing

Michele said...

Fantastic! You are such a great mommy and Isaiah will follow in his bis sisters steps (pun intended) with soccer! GO TEAM!