Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams Are Made of This...Memory Foam.

It was past time for a new mattress (no snickering, please). James and I decided to spend Presidents' Day weekend researching and trying out mattress. We (and by "we", I mean "I") narrowed down the choices to Serta. But who knew not every mattress place carries Serta. And for the ones that do, they don't stick around for long. Late Sunday evening we ended up at popular bed store here in the Northwest. When the salesguy came over, I asked him if they carry Serta. He said no. And then I asked a question I normally wouldn't have, "Do you know who does?"

Thank goodness this guy (A) didn't kick us out and (B) answered my question honestly. He told us that not only does Sam's Club have the mattress we are looking for, but they were actually having a big promotion. So Monday morning, we loaded up and headed up I-5 to the nearest Sam's Club.

And there we found the perfect set ~ Goldilocks would have been dee-lighted. To waive a delivery fee, James strapped the set to the top of our minivan ~ much to Savannah's dismay ("Everyone is passing us--and they are STARING..."). I reassured her they were all just haters, jealous of our brand new Serta. In reality they were probably staring at me: I was, after all, securing the front tie-down with my hands through the sunroof. James kept telling me to loosen my grip--that I was just providing extra protection ---that he had thoroughly secured it with twine. That didn't stop me from holding on for dear life.

After we got it safely home (we cut off of I-5 half-way home and took the back roads--I know my sister is laughing out loud right now), James stashed our old set in the garage and I helped him place the new set. You should have seen our faces when we set the new mattress on top the new box spring. It was practically eye level. Honest to goodness, our new bed is a good foot taller than our old one. And it's not even the extra plush top. That would have had our noses pressing the ceiling for sure. So now we practically need a step stool to get in and out of the bed. But it sleeps like a dream. And really that's all that matters.

Sweet dreams, everybody.

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Jenny B said...

We got our last bed from Sam's Club. I'm glad you like it!!