Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Shamlove You

James and I don't routinely celebrate Valentine's Day. We are head over heels for each other 365 days of the year. Our wedding anniversary is more special to us. Even then, it doesn't become a big spending frenzy. No gifts we exchange could match the love and affection we have for each other. (Although diamonds come pretty darn close).

James has been riding Cloud 9 ever since he brought home a Harley-Davidson motorcycle 3 years ago and I let him keep it. He works hard, is a wonderful provider, attentive husband and father, responsible rider ~ it makes me happy to see him happy.

But he's still not getting a Blackberry. He has been smitten with the thought ever since he found out our new POTUS was able to keep his. I told him when he becomes the leader of the free world, I'll be first in line to sign him up. Until then, he can continue to reach out on his Sprint flip phone. And if he lets go of the whole Blackberry envy, I might even let him upgrade his present phone package to include texting. Hello, Mr. President!

I went to Target yesterday with no intention of buying a Valentine's gift for James. But then, I saw it. And it was perfect. And I was Shamwowed! And I knew James be Shamhappy! He has wanted to try these for a while and now that is what he will be getting for Valentine's Day: a gift wrapped box of Shamwow! towels. Not only is it the gift that keeps on giving (as long as you never put them in an automatic dryer), but it is something we can both enjoy. Guess whose minivan is going to absolutely sparkle like diamonds this Valentine's day...

Wow! Isn't it romantic?


Anonymous said...

LOL, that is too funny and girl, my mom swears by those things! I hope he loves his SHAMWOW of a gift! :)

Karen the Californian said...

Wow, so romantic!

So does it work just as well as on TV?

Sharon said...

He loves them, ladies! And they actually work, lol!