Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dribbly Dude

When we were stationed in Germany the last time, I started ordering bibs for Isaiah from a lady in England. They were called "Dribbly Dudes" and what made them unique was that they were kind of fashionable. They looked like bandannas.

They were expensive, so I learned how to make them myself once we moved back to the States. The best part was roaming around Jo-Ann's discovering the latest and cutest fabrics and designs. On a good day, I could produce up to 6 bibs. And when the seasons would change-watch out! Isaiah's teachers used to joke that they could hardly wait to see how he was going to be coordinated each day.

Drooling is a part of his condition. Partly neurological, partly physical. We've tried Botox injections in the past to help control it as a quality of life issue. Drool rash was not uncommon. Botox worked fairly well the first time, not so much the second. By the third time, I was tired of torturing him.

His neurologist would administer the injections into Isaiah's face and jaw areas. J and one other person would have to hold him down while I tried not to cry the entire time. He was fine afterward, but I just couldn't justify putting Isaiah through that every couple of months just because of some moisture.

Zay's new developmental pediatrician made note of the drool at his latest appointment and asked if we'd considered a drug called Robinul. It's something we've wanted to try. Isaiah has been on a low dose ever since. And so far, with no glaring side effects.

But the morning he wakes up looking like Spongebob on the beach, I'm cancelling any remaining refills.


Sharon said...

Love the bibs! I need to figure something out for Eve, but the cute cottons in the store aren't absorbent enough (they just get slick and shiny, kwim?). I think I'd need a terry cloth with some sort of waterproof backing. What fabric do you use?

Sharon said...

Hi Sharon!

I modeled Zay's bibs after the Dribbly Dudes so they are cotton fabric with a terry cloth backing.

My mom made a prototype of two pieces of fabric stitched together with a terry cloth piece sewn in between.

Since Isaiah wears a "uniform" to school now, the only fun I can have with his outfits are his bibs, lol!