Monday, December 22, 2008

"If only I had operated earlier..."

...before it cleared up on its own".

Dr. R tried his best to feign disappointment at Isaiah's ophthalmologist appointment today. Dr. R is the latest eye doctor to follow Isaiah's nystagmus (shaky eyeball movement) and strabismus (misaligned eyes). At our initial appointment back in the spring, he had been eager to perform corrective surgery. But he wanted to see Isaiah 2-3 more times before scheduling the procedure.

Before he even began the exam this afternoon, he noted vast improvements in the very appearance of Isaiah's eyes. He joked that his colleague in private practice always says to operate when you get a chance--before it corrects itself (because, you know, little Sally needs braces and Mama could use a new Coach bag...) Surgery is OFF the table now and he wants to see Isaiah again in 6 months. He isn't even worried about the ptosis (droopy eyelids) at this point because it doesn't seem to be affecting Isaiah's vision. He is tracking beautifully with both of eyes.

Isaiah has definitely opened our eyes to the little miracle he is.


Jenny B said...

That's great Sharon!

Michele said...

A walking, beautiful, miracle is exactly what he is!

Christy said...

Little man is working overtime to give you amazing Christmas presents, isn't he? What great news!