Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snowed in. And I haven't killed anyone yet.

The kids got an early start to their Christmas Break. Thanks to the unusually snowy weather and freezing temps., their last week of school was fragmented with late starts and snow days. (Lucky duck Isaiah hasn't had preschool since December 12). So I have essentially been "snowed in" with James and kids for a week now. You might think I'd be ready to pull my hair out. You'd be right. But it could be much worse.

When my mom came to visit last month, she couldn't get over how much of a young lady Savannah has become. "Didn't those 11 years go by fast?", she mused. "And just think: in 11 more years she'll be 22." Whoa. That really struck me. The last 11 years have gone by in a flash. Could the next 11 years truly turn my sweet Savannah into a legal adult?

Children grow up way too fast. And we waste so much time sweating the small stuff. Being surrounded by my lovies for so long now has made me realize how much I love being with them. Despite the "Tom & Jerry" antics of the girls. Despite the Cabin Fever. Despite the constant snacking.

James is home for Christmas--not off fighting a war. Savannah still wants to spend time with us. Mariah still believes in Santa. Isaiah is taking steps.

Aw heck. Let it snow, afterall.


Jenny B said...

Awwww, this is so true. Now I feel guilty for locking my kids in the closet all afternoon.

I kid, I kid!

But seriously, you are right on. I look at Tyler and wonder where the time has gone.

Sharon said...

The garage is better, JennyB, because the cold actually quiets down their screaming. ;)

Enjoy 'em while they are little, fo' sure!