Friday, December 19, 2008

Why I love Michelle Obama

With Inauguration Day just about a month away, this is the tribute I have been meaning to write for a while...

The night Michelle Obama gave her speech at the Democratic National Convention, I found myself beginning to weep like a child. I hadn't expected to be so moved by her words, but there I was--choked up, tears streaming down my face. As I watched her, was transfixed on her, hanging onto her every word, I was struck by this woman who at that very moment was poised to become our nation's next First Lady. There she was on the television screen. Not shaking her booty in a rap video or hysterically shouting on Maury that she is 110% sure of who her baby daddy is. There she stood proudly expressing her love and appreciation for her parents, her upbringing, her husband, her children, her country. An educated, devoted working mother and wife--not unlike many of my friends and family members. Not exactly the image the world is used to seeing, but the reality I (and many of the people in my life) have known.

Michelle Obama gives an undeniably high profile face to the "black woman" not many in the mainstream get to see. A woman so obviously dedicated, classy, loving, smart, and so real headed to the White House is a coup not only for black women, black people, or even democrats, but for us all as a nation.

Isn't America great?


Christy said...

Your last sentence said it all. Viva Michelle!

Michele said...

Well said! Looking at Michelle (love her name) Obama, watching her speeches, her interviews
...watching her model a loving relationship with her husband and children makes me so proud of her, of him and of them. As silly as it may seem, I feel as though I know them and love them and am so inspired by them to reach for my dreams and to accomplish great things in this life. To make a difference bigger than me and my circle. It helps me to realize that we all can affect the world in an awesome and powerful way. God uses ordinary people to accomplish the extraordiary. While I feel that the Obamas are indeed extraordinary, God has created each of us with a unique, extraordinary purpose that we are each expected to fufill.

God bless America!!!

Sharon said...