Friday, December 5, 2008

Pierced Pastor

I remember getting my ears pierced like it was yesterday. The excitement of picking out earrings! The anxiety of the pain! The giddiness of getting pierced! Being like my friends at last!

Oh and did I mention I was 33 at the time?

We had grown up in a church that frowned upon it. And after a time, I had no interest anyway. But as I began to grow, mature, and discover the many sides of Sharon--I also discovered that sometimes a little bling on the ears does a body good. I started wearing clip-ons in high school. But as anyone who has worn clip-ons during the last 20 years can attest, they aren't always the cutest or most comfortable to endure.

After watching an episode of Oprah (ironically, it wasn't the one where she pierced her ears. It was an episode on aging beautifully), I made the decision to go for it. I also decided on that very same day to get contact lenses and a really great weave. Hey, you only go 'round once and there is no reason not to go 'round fabulously.

In early 2006 while the girls were in school, I left Isaiah with James and hopped the street train to downtown Darmstadt and headed straight for Bijou Brigitte. My functional German coupled with my awesome charades (*making a gun with my fingers and pointing at my ear lobes*) made it crystal clear to the shop lady just what I had come to do--either pierce my ears or blow my brains out. She handed me a piece of paper that I filled out (entirely in German), sat me down and got down to business. The whole process was relatively quick and painless. I've had clip-on pain that hurt more. And it was done. And I was thrilled.

So imagine my utter joy when my sixty something-year-old mother told me yesterday that she had taken the very same plunge. Two days ago my mother got her ears pierced!!! And it only took her twice as long to decide than it took me. At this rate, Savannah will be ready by the time she's...15!

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Jenny B said...

Awwww! When I started to read this, I immediately thought of Oprah cause I saw that episode too. That is so cool about your mom!