Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cali, baby.

We arrived in California this morning and were immediately asked if we were bringing fruits or vegetables into the state. We were SO not expecting an inspection station. I totally forgot about the Pink Lady apples I had sliced in the cooler, but I don't think that was the loot they were concerned about anyway. After passing through Redding and Sacramento, we decided to call it a day and pulled into our hotel here in Lathrop, California, for the night. It's REALLY windy today, but it's also sunny, so I'm not about to complain (it's rainy with highs in the 40's in Seattle today).

I was absolutely thrilled to see my first real-life palm trees and olive groves. Once we check-out tomorrow morning, we should be getting to the resort by the 4pm check-in time.

As for tonight, the Brownies will be chilling poolside.


Jamie said...

Welcome to Cali! I hope you're having a blast. My dad lives in Redding - you should of stopped and said hi ;)

Karen the Californian said...

Welcome to California! You're sleeping just 30 miles east of me! How exciting!! See you in LESS THAN A WEEK!!

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