Friday, March 20, 2009

To "Car Circle" Parents...

Please, please, PLEASE learn to "Car Circle" properly. In theory, Car Circle is a wonderful invention. Pull directly up to the school, drop off the kids, and pull away. Next car--wash, rinse, repeat. When executed properly, it works as smoothly as a Swiss Timepiece. Done incorrectly and I might have to lean into my horn.

First off, if you have to put your car in "park" and actually get out of your driver's seat position, you are abusing the Car Circle (oh and before you call me out on it, the only reason I have to put my van in "park" during the process is because that is the only way my sliding door will open automatically--found that out the hard way...)

Please direct your attention to the PARKING LOT on your left. And use it. Really, that's what it is there for. There you can get out, open Junior's door for him, get that last minute kiss goodbye and pluck that dried egg off of his face. NONE of those things should be performed in the Car Circle.

Oh and on your walk over to the school, please don't cross in front of my van. Some of use have jobs to get to. Or just a hot cup of coffee waiting at home. ;)


Jamie said...

YEah, except when the car circle was built specifically for the preschool on campus and we are required to sign the kids in and out, therefore making us get out of our cars (not that I wouldn't walk them in anyways.)

There is a lady (parent?) who comes around and puts little fliers on our cars telling us not to park there. Except she's scared of me - she didn't really think confronting me when I was 9 months pregnant with two littles to get into school in the rain was a smart idea, did she? The preschool now got us parking tags allowing us to park there to sign in & out.

See I have my own issues! Luckily we're not at the same school, lol.

Sharon said...

I am dying at the flyers! Someone has A LOT of free time.

I totally understand the preschool circle---I do the same thing on Monday afternoons when Isaiah has therapy, doesn't take the bus to school, and I have to drop him off.

It's the "general population" morning drop-off that drives me crazy! The girls can hop out on their own and then Mama is ready to roll, lol!

Jenny B said...

Yes, I can relate. I've been in great flowing car riders lines and horrible ones. Putting your car in park is actually the safest way to go!

Trina Gueck said...

I just love reading your blog! You so need to come to Carter Lake Elementary and give a speech to parents about this...they don't understand the concept either..hehe.