Thursday, March 5, 2009

Horton Hears a "NO".

I have not been enjoying Theodore Geisel's birthday week at the kids' school. Every day has a theme and the students are encouraged to dress accordingly each day. This celebration of Dr. Seuss comes around every year, so you would think I'd be prepared. You'd think. But I'm not. I'm always scrambling at the last minute for crazy socks and weird hats. And apparently I'm not the only one. Savannah and I were in the PX last night and wandered over to the girls' department to see if we could find something special for her and Mariah to wear for "Red Fish, Blue Fish" today. That's when another exasperated mom came up and exclaimed, "Are you looking for blue and red too? This is impossible!"

The kids really enjoy this special week, but in actuality, I would not, could not in a box. I would not, could not with a fox.

This Grinch can't wait for it to be over.


The Sister said...

Have you made her green eggs and ham yet? ;-)

Sharon said...

I have not, will not. ;)