Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's get l-o-u-d!


My adorable son has become quite the adorable parrot. Lately, he's been trying his best to imitate sounds and words. I'd be thrilled to say he's been screaming "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!" But, alas, other words just seem to be more fun.

Here he is trying his best to get "loud" with me.


Michele said...

That smile that he gives you at the end is too cute. That smile spoke 1000 words about how that boy feels about his mommy.

Jamie said...

Too cute!! And I love how he smiles at you when you ask if you're too loud.

Karen the Californian said...

That smile certainly got my attention! So cute!

Wendy said...

hahaha! Isn't that the way it goes. Don't worry mamma, when he finally does start saying your name, he will make up for the wait. How precious he is! :)