Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Rat is out of the Bag

The kids know.

We were going to wait until Friday to spill it, but thanks to their very eager Daddy, they now know we'll be spending Spring Break at Disneyland. We are all over the moon about this trip. We have decided to drive, because after all--getting there is half the fun. (Just don't ask me about the coming back part).

With the economy the way it is, this might seem frivolous or foolish, but we can't afford not to go. James received his official orders for Iraq 2 days ago. He is definitely deploying. We could not pass up this opportunity.

The drive is a pretty straightforward. Seriously, I plugged in the destination and literally we leave our neighborhood, merge onto I-5 South, and drive for 1000 miles. Destination ahead on the right.

We plan on making stops along the way and want to drop in on the San Francisco scene on the way back. Mostly we are going to play it by ear. That tends to be the least stressful and most relaxing. And when you're spending 17 hours (each way) held hostage in a minivan with 3 kids, that's the only way to play it.

Pray. For. Me.


Jamie said...

The way back will be easy, since you have stopping to see me to look forward to ;) Seriously though, it is a pretty straight forward drive. But I will warn you there is NOTHING to look at on I-5 from our area to the Grapevine, so be prepared.

I'm so glad you're doing this together. Disney is such a magical place.

Karen the Californian said...

Yay! Sharon's coming!!

joyboytinkertoy said...

you have to go on the pirates boat ride.. i'm so old I cant remember the name that was always my favorite one.. oh im jealous you guys will have a blast..

Wendy said...

sounds like so much fun! One thing I have done in the past to make the ride home easier is pick something up from each state I go through. When you are at a gas station, pick some wild flowers along the way(just make sure it isn't the state flower) or leaves and press them in a book. Makes it so much more fun and you get to keep free momentos. :) I hope you all have a safe and fun trip!

Jenny B said...

The Griswold's have nothing on the Brownies! Live it up!