Saturday, March 28, 2009

Travel Log Day 1: Welcome to Oregon

We have just spent 7 hours on the road. Half of it was in the driving rain (and a bit of snow down near southern Washington). We are settling into a hotel in Medford, Oregon, tonight. We should hit the California state line sometime tomorrow morning after a good night's sleep and hot complimentary breakfast.

James has made excellent time so far--although I had to remind him a few times that we aren't on "The Amazing Race" and CANNOT be eliminated. One thing we have discovered along the way is that Oregon is a beautiful state. All this time while planning our trip, I had just considered it the state that stood between us and Disneyland. But the scenery is reminiscent of our long drives through the Bavarian countryside. Simply breathtaking.

Something else we learned is that it is against the law to pump your own gas in the state of Oregon. And I'm so glad they had a sign posted because we had no clue about that one. Would've been a shame to get locked up while on vacation.

Any-who, we are going to find some dinner and get some rest.

California, here we come...sooner or later.

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