Saturday, November 7, 2009

Balloon Boy ~ Meet Box Girl

Unlike Balloon Boy, Mariah actually did get trapped---in a box. Not way up in the sky, but right in her own bedroom. Click on the video clip to hear her story in her own words. I expect to hear from Larry King any day now:


Jamie said...

That is hilarious! And like any good mom, you video taped it before letting her out!! Love it!

Guin said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Ryan and I both loved it...he just kept staring at the screen with this look on his face like, "how in the DEVIL??"
And I gotta say, when her little hand came out and waved, I friggin lost it!!

Sharon said...

My first reaction was, "How did she *do* that*?

Second reaction was, "She's still breathing. Good. Now where's the camera?!" ;)

Sharon said...

As my mom brought to my attention, the box does say "First Class Travel for Children", afterall! Good catch, Ma! ;)