Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mama's Mental Crutch

"Isaiah was up walking exploring for about 1.5 hours--very strong walking....he is walking so well--do not need walker. :)"

~Part of a note written by his classroom aid in his Communication Notebook November 17, 2009

When Isaiah started bearing his own weight, his then PT brought over a Kaye reverse walker for him to try (that's not the walker in the pic. above--that's a wagon the therapists brought over on Day #1 of Operation: Get Isaiah Upright). He dragged his feet and stomped like Frankenstein, but he was up and he was getting mobile. Since then, Isaiah has never been without a Kaye.

This past summer, Isaiah miraculously learned how to walk unassisted. YAY! As big a deal as that was, he was an unsteady and unsafe walker. I was nowhere near ready for him to part with the Kaye. It made me feel secure. So I continued to send it with him on the school bus everyday.

But I guess I've known for a while he wasn't always going to need the Kaye. On the sidelines of Mariah's soccer games, Isaiah was known to walk completely o-u-t of the walker--leaving it in the dust. (The moms used to joke that one day we'd all look up and Isaiah would be on the field scoring the game-winning goal). He has had zero problems getting into EVERYTHING lately. As he gets more confident with his abilities, the bolder he is becoming. His curiosity has piqued. And my reflexes have sharpened (did you know that the sound of a kid playing in the toilet sounds a lot like a dog drinking out of one?)

I feel awkward and ungrateful complaining to my Special Needs Moms---Stop whining! At least your kid is walking. And I feel awkward and ungrateful complaining to my Typical Moms---Stop whining! At least your kid is walking.

Truth is, Isaiah is ready to leave his Kaye behind. Truth is, I'm not sure if I am ready to see it go.

Confused? That makes two of us.


Jo, Tamer of Monkeys and Keeper of the Crayons said...

Hi there,
I found you through Ellen's (Love That Max) blog. Isiah and his sisters are beautiful! If you don't mind my asking, what type of CP does he have? My five - year - old son has left - sided hemiplegia (CP that affects the left side of his body) due to a stroke.
It's so exciting to read about Isiah's progress. And don't feel bad about complaining every now and then! We're entitled to it, just like any other mom. The only difference is that while other moms simply complain about their children running all over, we complain while bursting with pride on the inside.
I look forward to reading more about Isiah's progress! Take care and have a happy Thanksgiving!

Sharon said...

It is so nice to meet you! I just recently started following Ellen's blog and I am hooked! It is so nice to be connected to parents who understand "our world".

Isaiah has spastic diplegia with unknown etiology. The MRI was "normal", save for slight scarring around the ventricles. His doctors have run almost every test possible over the years. His developmental pedi. is now calling it a case of "inflammatory CP".

I'm finally at peace with his diagnosis. Isaiah's determination gives me so much hope and joy.

And Daniel looks like he is the joy of your life! What an adorable boy. I'll be checking in on your blog--I LOVE your title!

Thanks so much for your kind words--you made my day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!