Thursday, November 12, 2009

When Pigs Fly

Today was supposed to be Isaiah's final cardiologist appointment before we move. Ah well, it looks like we have at least one more in store.

The good news is the echocardiogram showed great heart function ~ lots of good squeezing going on. Bad news, he is still having arrhythmias (this ca-razy extra beat!) and possibly even short bursts of SVT (supraventricular tachycardia---abnormally fast heart rate). So Dr. P wanted him on a Holter monitor again for 24 hours. If what he suspects is happening is true, he'll keep Isaiah on the Atenolol (adjusted dosage) and we will have to follow up with a specialist in the DC area.

Half man, half machine and totally cute. It's Cyborg Zaiah!

He also strongly suggested Isaiah receive the H1N1 vaccination today. Isaiah is considered "at risk" and with all of the travelling we are about to do, Dr. P thought it would be in Isaiah's best interest. He spoke to the vax clinic and they put one on hold for him until after he was fitted for his Holter monitor.

I'm not going to fib--I have been pretty indifferent about the whole swine flu debate. The kids have had the seasonal vaccinations and we are pretty diligent about hygiene and the War on Germs. But if a doctor I know and trust who knows our health history recommended the H1 vax, I wouldn't hesitate to get it for the kids. The vaccination Isaiah received today is supposed to have just trace amounts of "bad stuff" in it, we were told. He'll need a second dose this time next month. (The last thing he probably wants for Christmas is the swine flu). He got the injectable, but the mist is now available at our hospital for the girls as well.

On the bright side, all this swine talk has my mouth watering for some bacon. Anyone want to join me for a BLT?

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