Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Rumor Weed

I've never really had a "green thumb". Even though housing has people who take care of our lawns, J always likes to maintain our yard himself.

I accepted the responsibility to keep the backyard mowed and flowerbed tended while he was deployed. I weeded and watered all summer. As the grass stopped growing this fall, the flowerbed became neglected. One weed in particular grew to the size of an average 7 year-old child practically overnight. Whenever I thought about having a go at it, the weather wouldn't cooperate. But tonight as I was taking out the trash, I realized it wasn't actually cold or raining for a change. So I decided to take that sucker down ~ from the RUTS.

Armed with a gardening tool, Mariah and I commenced to weed-whacking. Four of her little neighborhood girlfriends wandered over to see what we were doing. Soon Mariah joined them and off they went for some play time. That's about the time I got tickled at my situation:

Hoeing in the dark...I'm hoeing in the dark..., I sang.

Hoeing in the dark...I'm hoeing in the dark..., sang little voices in the dark.


I thought they were playing over there!

Me: No! Don't sing that!

Little Olivia: Why not?

Me: Ummm...*snicker, snicker*...because it's just not a good thing to go around singing.

Sweet Abigale: But it's what you are doing!

Great. My neighors will now know that Mr. B is deployed and Mrs. B is "hoeing" in the dark.


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