Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Savannah's Hero

This is the photo Savannah chose to share with her middle school. The students were asked to submit pictures of their favorite service member. The pictures were then shown during the Veterans Day assembly in a slide show presentation accompanied by the student's name and his or her relationship with that service member. Patriotic music played in the background. The whole thing brought tears to the eyes of most of the adults in attendance. With both wars raging, our loved ones deployed, and our thoughts still with our Fort Hood family---it proved to be quite emotional.

J will be back home soon. God bless the soldiers he leaves behind, the ones who made it safely home, the ones headed to the fight ~ and the ones who paid the ultimate sacrifice.


Jamie said...

Thank you James for all you've done to keep my family safe. God Bless you. Happy Veterans Day.

And Sharon (and those cute kiddos of yours) - thank you for all you do and for being brave enough to allow your family to be separated during this time to allow mine to stay together. I can never tell you how much that means to me.

Jenny B said...

Thank you all for everything you do!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks, ladies! That is SO nice to hear. :)