Friday, January 8, 2010

Are We There Yet?

When J helped me program my cell phone 2 years ago, he tweaked it so that I could always see the local Seattle time displayed along side the D.C. time. That way I'd always know what time it was back home.

I checked my phone and both locations are now displaying the same time. We are back on Eastern Standard Time. Not yet home, but definitely closer than ever.

We crossed over to Illinois this morning after the weather grounded us in St. Louis for the night. We trucked on through to Indiana, witnessing countless spin outs along the way. We decided to call it in a night in mid-Ohio.

Mariah at a snowy rest stop in Missouri

"Why is there only one arch and why isn't it golden?"

One of several big rigs in big ditches we passed today

Our final State-of-the-Day

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