Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tummy 2.0

Yesterday we surprised Isaiah with a brand new "Tummy" #2. As you might recall, "Tummy" #1 took an unexpected extended holiday in St. Louis.


I think they are going to be BFF 2.0:


Anonymous said...

He looks VERY happy!

We made a duty station change like that when ours were 4 years and 18 months; Tacoma to Scranton.

Thanks for the testimony to PT on Ellen's blog.


Christy said...

Awww, total love match. I'm glad he is as happy with his new friend as he is with his old one! I'm also jealous, wishing The Madam's taggie could be replaced like that. Oy.

my3kids20042007 said...

Lol at that name. Yeah we have Tummy 1.0 too, sans batteries (evil laughter).
He is so happy with his T 2.0

Maria said...

He is so damn cute!