Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Halfway There

We've pulled into our favorite hotel chain for the night. We got a late start on this leg of the race, but it was totally worth it. We spent last night visiting with my sister in Arizona. I didn't realize how much I had missed her until I saw her jumping up and down in her driveway as we pulled up. YAY!

This was the view from our Palm Desert, Ca., hotel when the sun came up. Yep--it was in the desert.

The kids were excited to be getting back on the road--next stop was their aunt's (Ti-Ti!) house in Arizona.

Mommy and YaYa in front of our hotel

Our first trip to The AZ!

What is tastier than that? We stopped at a mall in Phoenix for a bite to eat and a good stretch

At my sister's house, we got to meet my new niece-doggie, Marcy, for the first time.

Saying goodbye to Ti-Ti is always bittersweet, but Isaiah will definitely take it.


Michele said...

NO JACKETS?!?! Could you send up some of that Arizona warmth?

Sharon said...

Girl, I am convinced Heaven is a comfortable, Arizona 74 degrees!