Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

This morning, I woke up to the sound of my mother's high heels. She was leaving for church. J and I were camped out on the floor in her den in front of the fireplace.

We are home.

After 9 days on the road, countless meals at Denny's, endless gas station fill-ups, desert, sun, snow, and ice---we made it safely to our new duty station on the East Coast.

I thank God for seeing us through both the physical and emotional aspects of this coast-to-coast journey. We have learned much along the way and hopefully our marriage and family will be stronger for it.

We've also lost a few things along the way:

*Lathrop, CA--left my phone charger in the hotel

*Sierra Vista, AZ--left my face cleanser in my sister's shower

*St. Louis, MO--the most devastating oversight, ever: we left Isaiah's beloved "Tummy", The Learning Puppy, in the hotel (along with Savannah's Star Wars notebook)

Our favorite hotel chain reported each loss, so the next hotel always had the information waiting for us. They are going to ship everything back to us here.

But I almost told them to keep Tummy--he is smelly and I was going to try to slip a new one in on Isaiah.

Hey Char--could you bring my Neutrogena with you on your next visit? ;)

Leaving Ohio yesterday, we made it to West Virginia.

Then right into Pennsylvania

Funny thing about West Virginia's shape and our route ~ we entered it twice


Home at last

Me and my map sure delivered, huh, Mommy?

Savannah was all smiles the closer we got to Grannie's house

We are here!


Tonya said...

Praise the Lord you all made it safely! I am rejoicing with you via blogland!! Blessings!

Michele said...

You guys feel closer already! I know you all have to get settled, but, man oh man, I can't wait to grab you guys all in my arms for a group hug (and cry and sigh and laugh)!

Maria said...


Sharon said...

There is NO place like home, y'all! :)