Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Harbor Day

It's been just over a week since we moved back East. The girls started school late last week. And they have to wear school uniforms. My initial reaction was, "Great! No need to wonder what they are going to wear everyday! And bonus, they are going to MATCH."

But man, is shopping for them bo-ring. But I am very proud at how they are trying to adjust. We've asked a lot of them over the past several months. And they keep delighting us with their resilience.

Isaiah won't be attending the same school as his sisters for the first time in his school career. The girls' school doesn't offer the special services he requires. We had a placement meeting today and a special school across town was recommended for him. The Team had good things to say about the school, but not one of them mentioned having sent any of their own children there. So we have a little reconnaissance mission afoot.

But it hasn't been all business lately. We've also had some time to relax and enjoy our new surroundings.

Monday night we took the kids over to the National Harbor. I remember when neighbors around here were protesting the proposed plan to have it built. And to see it completed was nothing short of really neat.


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Sharon said...

Thank you so much! Your blog is very insightful--thanks for sharing!