Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Hair Day

Granny treated the girls to a trip to the beauty salon yesterday in preparation for their first day of school, which happens to be tomorrow. I think I'm more nervous than they are.

Even Isaiah got a fresh haircut!


Christy said...

They look beautiful! And WOW, Savannah is really looking older. Such a young lady! I hope the first day of school goes well for everyone.

Michele said...

OH! Your girls look lovely and your big boy's haircut is just as handsome as can be!

Sharon said...

Thanks, Christy and Michele!

I am chomping at the bit to go and pick them up from school!

Jo said...

Look at those three beauties - or should I say two beauties and one very handsome young gentleman. I hope the kids have a great first day of school. Driving across the country with three kids - wow! I commend you for taking on such a task. We drive usually twice a year from Boston to Houston for Daniel to participate in Therasuit (it's just easier to drive with all of his toys and other therapy stuff), but that's not nearly as far and only with one child. Glad to hear you guys are settling in with your new home. Take care!