Thursday, January 7, 2010

What Happens in New Mexahoma, Stays in New Mexahoma

Have you ever awakened and not known what day it is or where you are? I mean--a time when you hadn't been partying hard the night before? Yeah? Well, I was pretty close this morning. We tore through 3 states in one day. And I'm pretty sure we crossed a time zone. Into the Twilight Zone, no doubt.

We had a bee incident (no stings, thank God) in the van somewhere along the way which resulted in a chorus of screams and crying. Who knew J's voice could go so high...kid-ding! Mariah's screaming set off Isaiah's crying. Which in turn, set off my laughing. Then there was Daddy putting down every window in the van at 70+ miles per hour. We had no idea how long the insect had been stowing away, but man is he going to have one hilarious story to share with his little bee buddies.

Not so hilarious was the burst water main at our hotel in Alamogordo, New Mexico. No pool for the kids; no hot tub for me. Enter Mommy's chorus of screams and crying.

Last night we stayed in Oklahoma City, OK. It felt very familiar, especially since we spent 14 months stationed in Lawton after our first tour overseas.

It was also bittersweet because that is where Isaiah was born---at OU Medical Center downtown. He was transferred to Integris Baptist Hospital's NICU when he was just a few hours old. And that's where he spent the first few days of his life.

Looking at him today makes me wonder why I ever worried.

You'd think they did all the driving

My boys at a rest stop in New Mexico

New Mexico ~ the sky

The same day we left New Mexico, we barreled through Texas...

...with a stop at an Amarillo "Chick-Fil-A" for a much-anticipated nuggets break...

...eventually pulling into Oklahoma City to make it a 3-state kind of day.

After having to switch rooms due to a "plumbing issue", our new view was the Bricktown ball park. They had some sort of sledding device setup, but man--it was too cold to breathe


Tonya said...

Being from Oklahoma, I had to make a comment! Looks fun and exciting! Blessings to you all as you continue to travel!..Cute title!

Sharon said...

Thank you, Tonya! We were only stationed there only for a short while, but it's something we'll never forget. :)