Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Brownies Do D.C.

My 6th grade class trip was to Washington, D.C. From our Virginia Beach, Virginia, elementary school, a 3-hour bus ride and back seemed like a big deal. (Boy was I disappointed to find out seniors are now going The Bahamas!)

I was born in a suburb outside of D.C. We moved to Virginia the summer after 2nd grade. Once I finished college, I moved back to the area until J and I got married.

A lot is the same about D.C., but a lot has changed--including my perspective. I feel privileged having the opportunity to share the rich history and beauty of our nation's capital with my kids.

Look kids, there's the White House! (A little bit more to the right...)


Jenny B said...

I've NEVER been! I look forward to taking my crew there in several yaers.

Guin said...

looks like y'all had fun. I can't wait to take Ryan, who is hoping to catch a glimpse of the prez!